PACKids Information

PACKids consists of public, private and homeschooled students ages 6-18 who come from all over the island to train. PACKids is under the direction of vocal director Layton Elika Santos of LES Studios, various choreographers, and artistic director Rachelle Amparo. PACKids Company meet every Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM and Keiki and Advance Keiki meet every Saturday between 1PM and 4PM.. In addition to their regular training, students also work with many local experts on choreography, vocal arrangements and improvisational skills. We also offer master classes in voice, improv, acting and dance, and have had experts come from the mainland to train PACKids.

Spring of 2016 and 2018, PACKids traveled to the National Performing Arts Festival (NPAF) in Orlando, Florida. We spent seven days competing, performing, taking many workshops (hosted and taught by Disney experts) and exploring all the Disney parks, as well as Universal Studios. Our group took top honors and was awarded a Superior Rating (the highest level) in their performance competition. Many of our students also took top honors in individual dance, singing, acting and monologue competitions. Prior to this, PACKids performed at Disneyland and California Adventure in 2014, and students participated in several workshops, including dance, acting, vocals, and a workshop teaching how to audition for Disney.

PACKids offers a one-time free trail day, once per year in August, for those interested in joining. Once you've decided you would like to be a part of PACKids, we ask new students to start off in Keiki or Advance Keiki until they acquire the skills to move up. PACKids Keiki will have classes in general conditioning, dance and voice and opportunities to advance to Company are provided with an audition process offered every quarter. The skills the directors look for are technical (voice, dance & acting) and most importantly attitude, willingness to try, desire to participate and ability to focus. The student has to want to perform to move up and it has to be the child's dream, not the parent's.  If directors feel the student is ready to move up, the student will start the following week with the PACKids Company.  Once a child reaches PACKids Company, they will have a trial training period of at least one quarter before they are issued a costume and allowed to perform with the Company. 

PACKids, its performers, families, volunteers, staff and crew are one big ohana. We know that the only way a family can function well is if we all work together. We ask all our PARENTS to help with fundraising, sewing, set building, concession, selling name it! It is a commitment, but it is also a chance to be a part of your child's growth. 



Thank you, for your interest in PACKids.  Email PACK for more information, to register, and to find out the tuition for PACKids.    Someone from PACK will get back to you soon as possible.   

91-5007 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707, United States




Check out this great video form the Company Kids! NPAF 2018

PACKids Awards

Walt Disney Wold Disney Springs Performance 2016


Performance at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.  We had to send in an audition piece to be selected.  

National Performing Arts Festival 2016 PACKids Choir


Under the direction of Elika Santos our PACkids Choir took home Excellent in their rendition of an a cappella version of Disney's The Lion King.  

National Performing Arts Festival 2016


PACKids Company troupe took Superior, the highest ranking at the festival with their performance. 

Walt Disney Wold Disney Springs Performance 2018


Performance at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.  We had to send in an audition piece to be selected.

National Performing Arts Festival 2018


PACKids Company troupe took Superior the highest ranking at the Festival in their abridged production of Disney the Lion King Jr.  

National Performing Arts Festival 2018 PACKids Choir


Under the direction of Elika Santos our PACkids Choir took home Superior in their rendition of an a cappella version of Disney's Moana.   You can see the video on the link below.  

PACKids Individual awards at NPAF 2018

Awards for Excellence: 

  • Alana Glaser- Triple Threat- A new award created just for her! 
  • Jeremiah Ulufanua- Excellence Lion King 
  • Xander van den Berg- Acting in Lion King Jr as Simba
  • Alana Glaser- soloist in Lion King Jr as Nala
  • Megan Boggs-Solist Lion King Jr as Rafiki & Moana Medley
  • Seanalei Nishimura- Moana Medley 


  • Juliette Moody- Superior
  • Kaena Watson- Excellent
  • Kainoa Chorman- Excellent
  • Alana Glaser- Superior
  • Xander van den Berg- Superior
  • Alyse Glaser- Superior


  • “Angel”- Excellent
    Kaena Watson, Megan Boggs, Kira Fung, Emi Sampson & Seanalei Nishimura
  • “They”- Excellent
    Teja Watanuki, Shane Nishimura, Kira Fung, Seanalei Nishimura, Erica Lorica, Ayzhia Tadeo, Rockell Kim, Malia Speyer
  • “Nobody” Solo Tap- Superior
    Juliette Moody 
  • Duet- “How Far I’ll Go” - Excellent
    Megan Boggs and Kira Fung
  • “Believe, Magic in the Stars” - Superior
    Alana Glaser, Megan Boggs, Alyse Glaser, Kira Fung, Seanalei Nishimura, Kaena Watson, Emi Sampson, Xander van den Berg, & Jonah Lorica 

Vocal soloist- 

  • Alana Glaser “More to the Story” Superior
  • Megan Boggs “Fly, Fly Away” Superior
  • Jonah Lorica “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” Superior
  • Seanalei Nishimura “Waiting for Life to Begin” Superior



Alana Glaser - Superior vocalist!
Xander van den Berg- Outstanding actor!
Rache Sapla- Superior monologue
Chance, Marco, Kira , Megan- Superior dance!
Kira Fung- Superior dance soloist!
Megan Boggs- outstanding actress/vocalist
Jonah Lorica-Outstanding vocalist/actor


Spotlight Dance 2015


They Earned Ruby for the group dance!