PACKids is a training and performing troupe comprised of performers of different levels: Keiki, Advance Keiki, JRCompany, Company, and Senior Company. PACKids is intended for those students who love performing, and want to pursue a career in performing arts. New students enter through the Keiki groups and work on training in dance, vocals, and acting, in order to become a part of Company. All company performers are also required to train outside of PACKids in various areas of performance. 

Kaiser Permanente Educations Theatre program -ETP The Amazing Food Detective & Peace Signs


Kaiser Permanente Hawaii has been bringing health education into communities through music, comedy, and drama since the early 1980's through their Educational Theatre Program (ETP). ETP is free for all schools and is a key component of Kaiser Permanente's Community Benefit outreach. Their work is driven by their conviction that good health is a fundamental right shared by all, and by their heritage of prevention and health promotion.

Xpress Dance Classes with Leslea White


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