The Amazing Food Decetive


​The sleuth is on the case in the Amazing Food Detective – an interactive play investigating clues to healthy eating and physical activity that help young students understand the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. 

Target audience: elementary grades K to 2

Peace SIgns


A playground conflict leads to some important lessons about empathy and nonviolence. With a little help from science teacher Mr. Harrington (or 'Mr. H') and his unpredictable invention, the Stoplight Solution, the young peacemakers-in-training discover just how much impact they can have on others and their community—and that sometimes, the big changes they want to see in the world must begin with small changes in themselves.

Target audience: elementary grades 3 to 6

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii


Visit Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit outreach website for more information about this and other great programs Kaiser sponsors.  

Kaiser Permanente  & Performing Arts Center Of Kapolei  

Educational Theatre Program